Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring

My new creative space to share Music and Words. Hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think.

First post is up!

Lady & the Treble

The music – Diamond Ring by Bon Jovi

The Words:

The fight had been brief, as usual. She always froze and then ran.

This time she found herself in a humid rose-tinted bar, staring at the sultry singer crooning promises over his guitar. His hair hung damp over his eyes, his worn jeans hung on his hips… Just so. His olive skin showed a few years, but his eyes, like burnt honey, were warm and young and inviting. With a raspy, low voice and the delicate plucking of his six-string, his performance unraveled her.

A tear danced it’s way down her cheek, splashing beside her empty glass.

She blushed, realizing that her stares were being returned with equal interest. The ice cold ring on her finger was as much a chain around her neck, a chain that she was straining against.

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