What Would You Want To See Before Going Blind?

What Would You Want To See Before Going Blind?

I heard today about a woman, only slightly older than me, who is gradually going blind. She has a disease that is causing her vision to narrow, resulting in tunnel vision, and eventually total blindness.

She’s apparently always wanted to travel to Morocco. So this year, her family are taking her to see this magical place, before its too late for her.

Do we really have to face blindness before we go see what our hearts burn with desire to see?

Similarly, do we really have to face death before we make a conscious decision to live out our lives with burning passion and meaning?

If that’s true, let me tell you something: you are dying. As the sun dips below the horizon this evening, you are one day closer to the end.

Start living like it. I’m not talking about a trip to Morocco. That’s not always possible for some.

But take the time to indulge in your life. Hug someone a little longer. Drink your tea slowly. Go and see new things as often as you can. Call your friends, even when you’re busy.

Don’t fret over the small stuff. But take special delight in every small pleasure.

Ask yourself: what would I want to see before going blind? What would I want to do, before my inevitable end?

Make your life as magnificent as Morocco.

2 thoughts on “What Would You Want To See Before Going Blind?

  1. Kirsty, I have returned the follow, God’s followers are enough to connect. You are so right, why wait until facing deaths door you may not live another day to see the door. Do now what you dream of. Fill yourself with Soul Love which is ultimately God’s Love. Make a plan to have a life now stop waiting for the reason to do something because that reason may not come. Start Living.

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