The Night I Realized I Have Superpowers

The Night I Realized I Have Superpowers

Two years ago today, I was heavily pregnant with our first child and terrified of the adventure awaiting us around the corner. Saying that, after 6 weeks of bed-rest, I was only too pleased to welcome our squalling bundle into the world.

It was as I was going through my toddler’s bedtime ritual tonight that it occurred to me how much has changed since that day. Our child, now two years old, still has a bottle of milk at night to settle her to sleep. I still cradle her while she drinks, even though her limbs spill out of my lap in all directions. It’s special mommy-time, a precious five minutes where I whisper to her, pray for her and sometimes sing soft hymns to her.

So tonight, as I cradled my child with one arm, holding her bottle positioned into her mouth with my neck and cutting her fingernails – quite impressively, might I add – with the other free hand, I realized that maybe, maybe… oh, just maybe…. I’m becoming the Super-Mom I’ve always dreamed of being for my child…? I’ve always looked at my sister-in-law, now mother of two boys (yikes!), and admired her for her supernatural-ness. But it felt good tonight, to look at myself and admire my own awesomeness for a beat.

The realization hits, of how unprepared we were two years ago; for the soaring high’s and plummeting low’s of parenthood. But a miracle happens when life throws you into the deep: you adapt.

It’s been hard. Parenting is hard. But we’ve adapted. Two years ago, I needed five hands, a spotlight and a microscope to cut my daughter’s tiny fingernails. Now I do it deftly with one hand in the semi-dark while she fidgets with her plush toy. I’ve adapted.

If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone. ~John Maxwell

It can be hard. Life can be so hard. I don’t know the half of the hardship that some people – maybe you, reading this right now – have faced. But here’s your own little miracle: you can adapt. Whether it means learning a new skill, cutting ties with a destructive person, starting a business, or just putting your head down and getting through what right now has thrown at you… you are a human being gifted with the remarkable talent for adaptation. Change. Growth.

Your own dose of awesomeness. It’s there. Believe me, it’s there.


2 thoughts on “The Night I Realized I Have Superpowers

    1. Thank you Jacques 😊 I think there’s something to be said for ‘stick-to-itness’, which is kinda inescapable with parenting. But as I’m getting older, am seeing this come up in other areas too.


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