The End of Anything – Saying Goodbye

The End of Anything – Saying Goodbye

I said goodbye to two people today. One was a boss I’ve worked for, for 5 years, and one was an employee I’ve had in my home for 7 years.

I’m feeling somewhat abandoned, to say the least.

My (former) employee is retiring to her home in a rural South African town up north. She is elderly, she isn’t on the internet, and I don’t expect that I will ever hear from her again. It is goodbye forever, until I see her on the other side.

My (former) boss is braving a new adventure of her own. I will see her again, I hope, and thank the heavens, we will always have the internet. But it is the end of our formidable partnership, it is goodbye forever to an era.

Goodbyes stink.

But they teach you something: Gratitude. As someone walks out of your life, you take stock of what you have given each other, what you have learned from them, and how you have changed since you first embarked on your journey beside them. Goodbyes make you stop your busy life and go, “Whoa. Is that the end?”

And the end of anything is always scary, because you wonder what will fill that immense hole.

Perhaps the trick truly is to live life as though everything is at its end, or “as if each day is your last”, as they say. Taking stock of each day, of every moment spent and wasted, every opportunity to ‘make it count’, every time someone smiled at you, cracked a joke or said a kind word. Lying in bed at night and re-living each great moment, instead of tossing and turning over what tomorrow is going to dump on you.

A tribute to two dear women who have left gaping holes in my heart. You will be missed.



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