If Traveling Was Free

If Traveling Was Free

So there’s this fairly new thing going around social media at the moment: ‘If traveling was free, you’d never see me again.’


I know, it’s just a catchy phrase to romanticize a life of travel, but I find it oddly depressing. If someone were to say that to me… well, I’d be a bit sad.

Sure, I’m not the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal. I may not be as breath-taking as the Grand Canyon, or the aurora lights of Alaska.

And yet… I am a human, and there is an un-ending depth within the human spirit, that once true exploration into it begins, it is an adventure that lasts a lifetime, and could never truly be completed.

Something my amazing Mom taught me, when I was going through some hardships, and all I wanted was to hit the road and run off to a remote, beautiful countryside in Eastern Europe. She penned a beautiful letter inside a Christmas card and she wrote: “It has been said that the most exciting, unexplored territory can be found within ourselves.

A mother's words
A mother’s words

Sometimes when I’m stuck in the doldrums of every day life, I dig out that old card and remind myself of the wonders yet to be discovered within myself – and within the precious people around me.

How little we value our own humanity and that of those around us. Ok, so yes, I am over-analyzing an innocent, social media sensation. But if traveling was free, I wouldn’t be gone that long, and you’d probably see me sooner than you’d like.

2 thoughts on “If Traveling Was Free

  1. I often wondered what it would be like to start my life afresh elsewhere. More so when I was unhappy with elements of my life.

    I came to realise that wherever I go, I will still be me. I will still carry my insecurities, flaws and personality.

    Back packing it in Goa will not make me any more exciting. I think I craved excitement – time out from my life.

    Life can be great right here and now, if we have the right mindset.


    1. Absolutely – we so often think that an ‘escape’ will fix things, that we can leave real life behind. Like you say, we just take ourselves, and all our baggage, with us.
      It’s tempting to run away sometimes; but travel is best shared with someone you love, with a wonderful home to feel home-sick about and family and friends to look forward to returning to.


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