Owning Your Title – Who You Are

Owning Your Title – Who You Are

I am a PA. That is my day job. On my business card, it reads Executive Assistant – so, you could call me an EA too.

Personal Assistant.
Executive Assistant.

Almost anyone could do it. Anyone with the right personality, savvy admin skills, common sense and good social etiquette. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s not brain surgery.

But I have pride in my work. Because to me, PA and EA mean so much more.

It means Professional Assistant. Exceptional Assistant.
Powerful Ally.
Excellence Associate.
Persuasive Advisor.
Efficiency Agent.
Eloquence Administrator.

What I am getting at is that all these qualities are those that I would aspire to within my day job…. But also outside my day job. When I leave my office, I would still like to be a PA, or an EA, in every sense of the words.

What you do, is not who you are. Who you are should permeate both your workplace, and beyond.

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