#MYDKY: Frnkiero AndThe Cellabration

#MYDKY: Frnkiero AndThe Cellabration

Introducing a new blog category, because music makes the world a better place: Music You Don’t Know Yet. (MYDKY)

South African radio lets me down.

Sure, they play nice enough music on the pop, indie and hip hop scene, a bit of funk and house too. But there’s a serious lack of alternative being played, and it burns me that I’m missing out on a lot of new music from the genre I deeply love.

Some might say that Coldplay is alternative.
For some odd reason, iTunes categorizes the band Fun. as alternative.
I’ve heard some say that Wheatus is alternative. (Wait, what…?)

Yeeeaaah, ok….. But…. NO.

Found on funnyjunk.com

So let me start in March 2013 – the music world mourned the end of legendary rock band, My Chemical Romance. Gerard Way and his band members made the mutual decision to quit while they were ahead, ending on a high, and releasing an epic, unusually cheerful farewell, “Fake Your Death.”

Did you know that song?


You’re welcome!

So, former lead singer Gerard Way has long since released an album called ‘Hesitant Alien’, that I have not as yet explored. After listening to snippets on iTunes, I found it slightly too weird even for my tastes, but I know that in time my curiosity will get the better of me, and I’ll buy it out of sheer loyalty to Mr. Way.

For now though, and surprising to me, I’ve discovered that My Chemical Romance’s former guitarist and back-up vocalist, Frank Iero, has been equally busy in studio, and has brought out his own band called Frnkiero and the Cellabration. His album, Stomachaches, has been out for ages (August 2014) and yet I have never, ever, not once, ever-ever heard it on the radio. Not ever.

It’s a musical travesty.

Found on Fanpop.com
Photo credit: Found on Fanpop.com

You see, Frank Iero’s music pays true tribute to one of the world’s most misunderstood musical genres. He has created authentic alternative, which is nothing like the “safe alternative” heard on our timorous, controlled radio stations.

Let’s just say that if Frank Iero entered an Idols contest or talent show… Well, his vocals probably wouldn’t get him through Round 1. He doesn’t exactly… sing. He kinda groans… breathlessly… like he’s in pain… on tune.

And I love it.

Without further ado, let me share with you two incredible songs that you’ve probably never heard…

Love it like I do?

You can buy it on iTunes HERE.

Again… You’re welcome.

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