RANT: Could you spell that for me?

RANT: Could you spell that for me?

Dear Salesperson

What I am about to share with you could change your life completely. If you will utilize this ONE TIP that I am going to give you, your sales might just skyrocket. And I’m giving you this tip… for FREE.

I work in the hospitality industry, and part of my work is coordinate the marketing plan for a boutique hotel group. As a result, I receive daily calls from publishing and marketing companies, to put forward various advertising proposals.

I listen to their whole telephonic presentation, ask the occasional question, and then the inevitable happens: I ask them to please send me an email with all the details laid out, and I will take it up with my management team. Let me reiterate: this step is inevitable. As in, it’s the only next course of action.

(Heads up, here comes the tip)

What KILLS ME, and makes me want to smash my head repeatedly on my table, is when this salesperson asks me to spell my company name. Why, dear salesperson, WHY?


At this point, you lose me. If you have not bothered to look up my company, then you don’t know who you’re selling to. You’re telling me that I need your services.. but how would you know, if you don’t even know the company name?

I’ll get your mail, but it’s not likely that I will ever take it seriously.

So here is my advice, dear salesperson: do your research before you phone your prospective client. Make sure you know how many hotels we have, where they are, and for crying in a bucket, learn how to spell the company name! 

You’re Welcome.

spelling nazi

2 thoughts on “RANT: Could you spell that for me?

  1. Mmmmm, I alwayz trusts Googl spel chekker when I am on the intanet. Wat was that compiny name? Zintw …. tin …. zintz what?


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