The Cookie Jar

The Cookie Jar

I stopped en route to work this week and popped into Mugg n Bean for a cappacino. It was one of those mornings… I’d had a bad night with the baby, and I was feeling a little fragile. I needed a big cappacino, a BIG one. At the counter, they had a row of cookie jars filled with American-style cookies. Mmm. Let’s make that a BIG cappacino and a choc-chip cookie.

Paid, got my big cuppa and off I went.

So sitting in traffic, and I broke into my choc chip cookie, only to discover…. it’s oats and cranberry.

Sometimes life is like expecting choc-chip, and getting oats and cranberry instead. Initially, you might feel hard done by. Cheated. Disappointed and bitter.

The challenge is: don’t stay there. Too many people get stuck in the bitterness of unexpected circumstances, so stuck that their eyes never open to the potential beauty around them.

News Flash: Life doesn’t owe you choc-chip!

Today I dare you: if you feel like you’re a victim of the injustices of life’s cookie jar, and you feel as though you’ve been served oats and cranberry instead of choc chip…Try the oats and cranberries, you may just like it.

I’m not urging you to “settle for less”. But while you’re still aspiring to the “more” that you desire… enjoy what you have nowTaste what life is offering you. It’s the life you have right now, don’t allow yourself to waste it on what could-have-been, or what you think should-have-been.

Now. Go get a cookie.

cookie monster

2 thoughts on “The Cookie Jar

  1. I love this post. Life indeed hasn’t always been giving me chocolate chips, but looking back I needed those oats and cranberries to learn and grow. I have finally arrived at a point in life where I know that when life throws me some cranberries, there is often a reason behind it.


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