What do the words you speak say about you? You see, you think you’re talking about other people. You think you’re giving your opinion on matters outside yourself. But what you don’t realize is that every word that comes out of your mouth says more about you than anything outside of you. Your words, chosen to give the appearance of your own great wisdom, provides a candid window into your own soul, making those around you all the more wiser to who you actually are.

Words that hurt. Are you mean?
Words that break down. Are you insecure in yourself?
Words that gossip. Are you two-faced?
Words that cause conflict. Are you a snake?
Words that lie. Are you hiding something?


Your words breathe these answers to every question even though you would outrightly deny them. Your words speak louder than you think.

Look into yourself. Who are you?
If you don’t know, then listen to yourself speak. It can be a life-changing, and sometimes inside-changing, experience.


Words should be Kind.
Heavy-laden with Love.
Filled to overflowing with Compassion.
Inquisitive for the Truth.
Laced with the Desire to Understand.

And if understanding, kindness, love, compassion and truth cannot be found, then the advice my mother once gave me might be wise: If you haven’t got anything constructive to say, don’t say anything at all.

“Be sure to taste your words first, before you spit them out.”

This blog post was previously written on my other blog, A Little Rock, A Little Roll.

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